Select Page recently published an article that discussed a Freedom Partners Institute study title “Will a New Congress Hit the Brakes on Innovation,” which highlights the members of Congress who are critical of the emerging peer-to-peer economy but frequently use and benefit from services like Uber, AirBnB and Lyft. writes:

“It’s in vogue for Democrats to decry the sharing economy as exploitative and unsafe. Cities across the country, nearly all of them headed by liberals, have cracked down on companies like Lyft and Airbnb that allow regular people to earn money by providing rides across town or renting out their spare bedrooms.

Austin, Texas, recently regulated ride-sharing out of existence completely, while New York Mayor Bill de Blasio last year tried to require the industry to cease growing.

Democratic presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders brags about the ‘serious problems’ he has with Uber.

And if you were a Reason subscriber you’d already have access to the July issue, which features a piece on Hillary Clinton’s disdain for the popular ride-hailing app.

Yet according to a new study from Freedom Partners (full disclosure: I worked there in 2014), Democratic congressional candidates spend more money on ride-sharing services than Republicans do.

Hypocritical much?”

See the whole story here and check out our report here.